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Jason Allen, based in California, USA, is the owner of Eagle Eye Screening, a company that has recently garnered a significant amount of negative attention. Numerous customers have shared their harrowing experiences, pointing to alarming issues with the company’s operations, staff behavior, and even fraudulent financial activities. This article delves into the specific complaints and incidents reported by customers, painting a concerning picture of Eagle Eye Screening’s business practices.

Jason Allen

Eagle Eye ScreeningCustomer Complaints and Incidents

  1. Dangerous Driving and Aggressive Behavior
    • One of the most troubling reports came from a customer who narrowly avoided a major accident involving an Eagle Eye Screening bus. According to the customer, the bus (registration number FK45JKGP) ran a red light at a busy intersection, almost causing a massive collision. Instead of showing remorse, the bus driver responded with hostility, swearing at the customer and using derogatory language. The customer feared for their safety, worried that the driver might resort to physical violence.
  2. Rude and Unprofessional Staff
    • Multiple customers have reported that Eagle Eye Screening’s staff are consistently rude and unprofessional. Common complaints include staff members disregarding road rules, being verbally abusive, and showing a complete lack of customer service skills. Such behavior has left many customers feeling disrespected and unsafe.
  3. Unauthorized Debit Orders and Financial Fraud
    • Perhaps the most serious allegations involve unauthorized debit orders. Customers have discovered that Eagle Eye Screening has been debiting their accounts without permission, some for periods extending over eight months. These transactions were processed through Netcash, leading to significant financial losses for the affected customers. One customer reported that they had to contact their bank to stop the fraudulent debits and opened a case against Eagle Eye Screening. The repeated nature of these complaints suggests a systematic issue within the company’s financial practices.

Eagle Eye Screening– Impact on Reputation

The accumulation of these negative reviews has severely damaged Eagle Eye Screening’s reputation. Potential customers are warned to steer clear of the company due to its unsafe practices, unprofessional staff, and fraudulent activities. The company’s failure to address these issues has only exacerbated the situation, leading to a loss of trust and credibility.

Is Eagle Eye Screening Attempting a Reputation Cleanup?

As I highlighted before, if you’d look him up, you’ll find a plethora of PR and promotional material. What he’s doing is a typical attempt of reputation laundering.

Reputation laundering is the practice of covering up or erasing misdeeds, negative business practices, or illegal actions of a company or individual. The key aspects of reputation laundering are:

  • It is a niche industry that has grown up around the need for companies and individuals to change public perception of their actions. This includes PR firms, lawyers, lobbyists, and other “fixers” that help clients portray themselves in a more positive light. 
  • Tactics used include making donations to universities, charities, and other institutions, aligning with sports teams, and using disinformation and “astroturfing” (creating fake grassroots movements) to obscure the truth. 
  • Reputation laundering is different from legitimate reputation repair, which involves fixing real problems within a company and developing a positive image based on their actions. Laundering seeks to cover up illegal activities and bad practices. 
  • Reputation laundering allows kleptocrats, oligarchs, and politically exposed persons to distance themselves from the illicit source of their wealth and transform their public image, making it difficult for compliance and law enforcement to detect any wrongdoing. 
  • This practice undermines democratic institutions and norms by manipulating public perception and enabling the flow of tainted money into Western economies. Governments have been slow to address the “enablers” that facilitate reputation laundering. 

In summary, reputation laundering is an unethical industry that allows companies and individuals to cover up misdeeds and present a false positive image to the public. 

A popular example of reputation laundering is Israel’s PR on Gaza.

I recommend you read up on how Israel’s propaganda machine works and how it painted innocent Palestinians as terrorists.

Eagle Eye ScreeningConclusion

Jason Allen’s Eagle Eye Screening is facing serious allegations that should not be taken lightly. The company’s dangerous driving practices, rude and aggressive staff, and unauthorized financial activities highlight a need for urgent reform. Until these issues are adequately addressed, Eagle Eye Screening remains a risk to both the safety and financial security of its customers. It is crucial for potential clients to be aware of these complaints and consider them when choosing a screening service

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