Chris Reader’s Profit Singularity is a Scam? (According to Reviews)

Chris Reader aka Christopher Reader runs a major affiliate marketing course called Profit Singularity. Like many other online success gurus, he claims to come from humble beginnings.

While he promises to help people reach 7-figure success (not to be confused with 7 Figure Flipping), the reviews of his course paint a vastly different picture.

This article delves deeper into his claims and the reviews of Profit Singularity:

About Christopher Reader of Profit Singularity

Christopher Reader is a notable figure in the affiliate marketing industry, particularly known for his involvement with Profit Singularity, a course focused on leveraging AI to enhance affiliate marketing through YouTube ads.

Most of the praise I found about Reader was on his promotional articles. Those articles claim that Reader has achieved significant success at a young age, including having days where he earned up to $25,000 by the age of 23 through affiliate marketing. His journey in affiliate marketing began unconventionally, as he dropped out of university and initially worked as a dishwasher before achieving status as a super affiliate.

Now, you can only take his word for these claims as there’s no way to verify them.

Profit Singularity, co-founded by Reader, teaches how to promote affiliate products using video ads on platforms like YouTube, utilizing proprietary AI tools for script generation and video creation. The course has garnered attention for its high entry cost and the promise of significant earnings, although it has also faced criticism regarding the effectiveness of its tools and the challenge of getting ads approved.

Reader’s approach includes switching from Facebook to YouTube for advertising, driven by the potential for higher conversions and less tapped traffic sources. He emphasizes innovation and adaptability, using AI-generated voices and videos to drive his affiliate marketing strategies.

Despite the successes and high revenue figures reported by some students, there have also been critiques about the program’s high costs, the quality of the Clickbank products promoted, and the challenges associated with using paid Google Ads. These points have led to mixed reviews regarding the overall value and effectiveness of the Profit Singularity program.

In fact, the amount of scathing reviews Chris Reader’s Profit Singularity has received is mind-boggling. It seems like a lot of people feel scammed.

What Chris Reader’s Customers Say About Profit Singularity (It Doesn’t Look Good)

There are two Trustpilot pages for Chris Reader’s company, Profit Singularity. Both of them have multiple 1-star reviews that showcase the level of disappointment his students have with his products.

Many of the 1-star reviews pointed out how the 5-star reviews praising Chris weren’t even talking about the course. I suspect that some of the 5-star reviews present on Profit Singularity’s page might be fake. Their purpose might only be to boost their ratings on Trustpilot because the number of complaints I saw was staggering.

Below are some of those complaints:

“Don’t Waste Your Money”

Chris Reader review by Tom

Tom highlights that he followed this course through but Google immediately suspended the ads he made while following Chris’ instructions.

Apparently, the support of Profit Singularity wasn’t helpful either. Tom alleges that it’s a scam and the reader will find many other reviews saying the same thing. He believes it’s a total waste of money and time and hopes to get a fund.

However, Tom also doubts that Chris Reader wouldn’t offer him a refund as well.

Here’s another complaint.

Profit singularity review by phil

The reviewer points out that you’ll find a noticeable pattern in the Profit Singularity reviews. The majority of the five-star reviews are filled with glowing praise for the ‘wonderful program’ and the ‘great support’.

However, no five-star reviews were found from individuals claiming to have made any money from this. They then looked at the one-star reviews. There, they observed that these were individuals who had already completed the course, implemented the principles, and unfortunately encountered obstacles from YouTube, resulting in significant loss of time and money.

The reviewer highlights that they too fell for the hype a year and a half ago, made a diligent effort, but unfortunately didn’t achieve any results. They chose not to pursue a refund like some others did.

Profit singularity review by Usman Ahmad

In the above review, Usman highlights that he followed Chris’ method faithfully and spent more than $2,000 in Google Ads and the course. However, he has yet to make an ad that gets approval from Google Ads and is profitable.

Usman alleges that all Chris Reader teaches in his course is available on the internet for free. He ends the review with “Don’t waste your time, find something else.”

“No Refunds”

Profit singularity review by Christine

Here, the reviewer highlights that their money was not refunded by Profit Singularity, even though the user clearly outlined all how their course would not work. Google Ads did not publish anything that the reviewer created, despite following the exact instructions given and adhering to the million-dollar ad plan meticulously.

Furthermore, the reviewer alleges that the training was not updated to reflect the incredibly strict new rules. They also say that for all the starry-eyed individuals who had praised this gig as a fantastic opportunity, they would soon find themselves reconsidering their opinions in a few weeks.

The reviewer points out that the 5-star reviewers would soon realize how Chris Reader’s course was a waste of time.

“Profit Singularity is Scamming People”

Complaint against Chris Reader

Here, William alleges that Profit Singularity by Chris Reader is most definitely a scam. All the ads they teach there violate Google’s policy.

Furthermore, they fail to teach their students that Google’s policy doesn’t allow affiliate marketing. Hence, your website can’t possibly redirect users to other sites as it will cause Google Ads to suspend you.

Review Calling Chris Reader a Fraudster

Complaint against Chris Reader 2

This is another of those reviews I thought was crucial to highlight. Laura here says that Chris Reader’s business doesn’t have integrity. It only teaches you scammy clickbait and to make matters worse, they double-billed her.

6 months have passed and she still hasn’t received a refund.

Moreover, the company claims that their support address never received a single email from her. Laura highlights that the company will gaslight you, give inexhaustible excuses, and waste your time. She says it’s best to avoid this company as you’ll regret it.

Below, Jakob says that he lost $15,000 to Profit Singularity and Chris Reader because he had paid for coaching. He highlights that most of the course’s content consists of success stories and the material is quite outdated.

Although he followed their specified instructions, the outcome only led to further financial loss. When he asked for his refund, they blocked him and ignored him.

Complaint against Chris Reader 3

There are a plethora of negative reviews against Chris Reader and Profit Singularity. I’m sharing the snippets of a few more just so you have an idea of how many people are done with this:

Is Chris Reader Running a Ponzi Scheme? (Maybe)

While I was looking into Chris Reader, I came across a Reddit thread talking about his course.

Here’s the link to it: Reddit thread

The Redditor highlights that they paid $3,000 AUD for the course and asked for a refund after a day.

They highlighted that each video of the course was a 1-hour talk about how the ‘blueprint’ worked but didn’t go into detail.

Furthermore, there would be around 10 people talking about their experiences of earning millions of profits because of this course.

According to the Redditor, the blueprint uses an AI text reader called VIDBOT.AI which costs over $50. Chris Reader demonstrates the tool in the course and makes it seem quite simple.

However, the Reddit user points out that the tool along with paid ads costs over $500, which is contrary to usual affiliate marketing businesses which don’t require significant investment upfront.

They end the discussion by pointing out that Chris Reader’s program seems more like an MLM scheme.

There were other comments in the thread calling it a Ponzi scheme as well.

While I suspect that Chris Reader might be running a scam, I hope it’s not a Ponzi scheme. Such scams are extremely dangerous and end up ruining many lives. A great example of someone running a Ponzi scheme is Raymond Khan.


The reviews and discussions surrounding Chris Reader’s affiliate marketing programs, specifically the Profit Singularity Breakthrough, present a mixed picture, with some sources praising the program and others raising concerns about its effectiveness and cost.

Positive Aspects Highlighted:

  1. Comprehensive Training and AI Technology: The program is praised for its comprehensive training provided by industry experts and the use of AI technology for creating videos. It offers a 90-day guarantee, promising a refund plus $500 if participants haven’t made any money by then[1].
  2. Success Stories and Potential for High Earnings: Some reviews and testimonials highlight significant earnings and success stories from participants. For instance, Himanshu Patel from India reportedly earned $520K in 5 months, and Owen Stovall made $3.3 million in a relatively short period. Trustpilot reviews also reflect positive experiences, with users claiming the course changed their lives and helped them generate substantial income.

Concerns and Criticisms:

  1. High Upfront and Ongoing Costs: The program’s cost is $2497, which may be prohibitive for individuals on a tight budget. Additionally, participants need to spend money on YouTube Ads, adding to the overall investment without a guaranteed return.
  2. Mixed Reviews and Skepticism: Some discussions and reviews express skepticism about the program’s legitimacy and effectiveness. A Reddit user shared a negative experience, mentioning red flags such as lengthy videos that lacked detail and the requirement to invest in additional tools and paid ads, leading them to request a refund. Another source warns against affiliate marketing scams and emphasizes the importance of being cautious with programs promising easy success.
  3. Negative Reviews and Scam Accusations: Despite some success stories, there are voices online that question the program’s legitimacy, with some calling it a scam or criticizing it for requiring continuous investment, which they liken to a multi-level marketing scheme.

What are your thoughts on Profit Singularity and Chris Reader? Let me know in the comments!

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  • This article provided an extensive look into Chris Reader’s Profit Singularity course. It makes one think twice about jumping onto any online course without thorough research and reading through actual user experiences.

  • It’s concerning to see the disparity between the promotional content and the actual feedback from users. The concept seems promising, but the execution and customer satisfaction are what really matter at the end of the day.

  • It’s crucial to approach online courses with a healthy dose of skepticism, especially when the claims are about high earnings in a short span of time. This overview of reviews suggests that potential customers should do diligent research.

  • Online marketing courses such as this one are often a mixed bag, with success hinging on numerous variables. This article provides a balanced perspective that would be valuable for anyone considering an investment in such programs.

  • The article raises important points regarding the veracity of online testimonials and the need for independent verification. It’s a reminder that due diligence is key when considering any educational investment.

  • L’articolo presenta una visione approfondita delle recensioni su Profit Singularity. È sempre utile leggere sia le esperienze positive che quelle negative prima di prendere una decisione finanziaria importante.

  • Sembra esserci una discrepanza notevole tra le promesse del corso e le effettive esperienze degli utenti. È importante che le aziende rispondano a questi feedback per mantenere la fiducia dei loro clienti.

  • Questo articolo sottolinea l’importanza di fare ricerche approfondite e di esercitare il dovuto discernimento quando si tratta di corsi di marketing online. È fondamentale essere informati sui possibili rischi.

  • Interessante vedere come l’AI viene utilizzata in campagne di marketing su YouTube. Nonostante le recensioni negative, la tecnologia dietro il corso di Profit Singularity potrebbe rivelarsi utile se implementata correttamente.

  • Nonostante le promesse di guadagni elevati, è importante ricordare che i risultati possono variare significativamente da persona a persona. Un approccio critico e prudente è sempre raccomandato.

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