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Brad Schnickel is a Criminal? Find Out Here

Brad Schnickel- Introduction In a disturbing case that has drawn significant attention, former Minneapolis police officer Bradley James Schnickel has been resentenced to 102 months in prison for his involvement in multiple counts of criminal sexual conduct with underage girls. The decision to increase his prison term from the initial 30 months was handed down by an Appeals Court judge who deemed the original sentence excessively lenient. Brad Schnickel- Background and Initial Sentencing Bradley James

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Leth Aguilar is a Fraudster? Find Out Here

Leth Aguilar- Introduction Mirror Trading International (MTI), once touted as a groundbreaking investment platform, has been revealed as one of the most notorious Ponzi schemes in recent history. Under the guise of legitimate trading, MTI lured investors with promises of high returns through advanced cryptocurrency trading. However, behind this façade lay a complex web of deceit, illegal investment activities, and substantial financial losses for its members. Leth Aguilar- The Rise of MTI MTI, founded by

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Bruce Hughes is a Fraudster? Find Out Here

Bruce Hughes- Introduction Bruce Hughes, a name synonymous with multilevel marketing (MLM) schemes, has built a controversial career in the United States as a promoter of various MLM ventures. Despite his claim to success and wealth through these ventures, a deeper look reveals a troubling pattern of involvement in illegal MLM schemes, raising concerns about his practices and the impact on his followers. Bruce Hughes- A Career in MLM: From Karatbars to GSB Bruce Hughes

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Tony de Gouveia is a Scammer? Find Out Here

Tony de Gouveia- Introduction Name: Tiny Tony de GouveiaLocation: Johannesburg, South AfricaClaims To Be: Business ProfessionalReality: Promoter and key figure in multiple MLM schemes and scams. Tony de Gouveia- Introduction Tiny Tony de Gouveia, based in Johannesburg, South Africa, has made a name for himself in the business world. However, his reputation is far from positive. Despite his claims of being a business professional, de Gouveia has been identified as a central figure in promoting

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Louis Petrus Liebenberg is a Scammer? Find Out Here

Louis Petrus Liebenberg- Introduction In the sprawling landscapes of South Africa, a tale of deceit and grandiose illusions unfolds around Louis Petrus Liebenberg. Known for his flamboyant demeanor and slick sales charm, Liebenberg has carved a notorious reputation as a scammer, failed businessman, and prolific promoter of Ponzi schemes. From his flashy lifestyle to his complex web of fraudulent schemes, Liebenberg's story is a cautionary tale of ambition gone awry and trust betrayed. Louis Petrus

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Henrico Hanekom & the MTI Fraud (2024)

Henrico Hanekom is identified as a promoter of Mirror Trading International (MTI), which has been declared a pyramid scheme by the South African High Court. He is believed to be based in Pretoria, South Africa, and has a YouTube channel named "Practical Abundance" with over 3,500 subscribers. On this channel, he has actively promoted MTI and another suspected Ponzi scheme called Finiko, which is a Russian scam promising its members a 1% per day return

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Peter J Burns III is a Financial Fraud. Where is He Now? (2024)

I recently came across several propaganda pieces talking about a guy named Peter J Burns III. He claims to be an industry leader but the articles praise him a bit too much. By that, I mean, they make him out to be a God-send. Certainly, it raised some doubts in my cynical brain. When I did a little digging, I found a long history of fraud and financial crime. In the world of finance and

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Raja Imran Younas is Spreading Lies Online? BEWARE! (2024)

In an era where public image can make or break a career, some individuals go to great lengths to craft an impeccable persona. Raja Imran Younas, a self-proclaimed entrepreneurial force within the hospitality and technology sectors, appears to have mastered the art of self-promotion. However, a closer examination reveals that much of his purported success is built on a foundation of exaggerated claims and deceptive PR tactics. Raja Imran Younas- The Illusion of Success Raja

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Craig Cinelli – From Entrepreneur to Convicted Fraudster? (2024)

Allendale, New Jersey – Craig Cinelli, once known as a prominent entrepreneur in the scrap metal industry, has seen his reputation shattered. Cinelli, 49, a minority owner of Cinelli Iron & Metal Co. (CIMCO) in Hudson County, New Jersey, has been sentenced to 33 months in federal prison. This sentencing follows his involvement in a 17-year scheme that defrauded customers out of millions of dollars. Craig Cinelli- The Scheme The case against Cinelli was announced

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Mike Hunter Attorney Resigns Due to an Affair? (2024)

Oklahoma City, OK – Oklahoma Attorney General Mike Hunter announced his resignation on Wednesday, citing personal matters that have come to public attention and could potentially distract from the duties of his office. This announcement comes just one day after The Oklahoman reported on inquiries into an extramarital affair involving Hunter. In a statement released on Wednesday, Hunter, a Republican, expressed his regret over the situation. "Regrettably, certain personal matters that are becoming public will

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